Divers Rescue Sea Turtle: Watch It Swim Free!

Diver and Turtle.jpg

You should stop what you are doing right now, and watch this beautiful footage of two divers rescuing a sea turtle from a flipper trapped in a rope.

This viral video features divers Colin Sutton & Cameron Dietrich who, while diving in the brilliant waters of the Dominican Republic, noticed that a beautiful turtle was trapped in some rope. They took their diving gear down to save their turtle friend, and had a bonus tender moment with him in the end. Why not check out some videos that are viral online similar to this Jimmy John Shark video!


Compassion towards animals is such wonderful things. It reminds me that humans can do a lot of good to offset our own damage, and we can empathize with our environment and those who share the planet with us.  The 1.5 million views on YouTube shows that a lot of us are thankful for this rescue.

Want more love? Watch as these two besties reunite here.


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