Jewelry by DLC Brooklyn and Juewls_Amelia Amp It Up for New York Fashion Week


At the Study show, the accessories included some dramatically cool works that made my eyes bounce back and forth from bracelet to necklace so I wouldn’t miss a bit. The talent behind the bold and the beautiful? DLC Brooklyn and Ameilia Jewels.


DLC Brooklyn restructures and dismantles upcycled vintage jewelry into different, chic structures that shine. One of the coolest elements of DLC (Dirty Librarian Chains), Brooklyn is the designer, a miss Susan Domelsmith. She’s a keyboardist in the band Open Ocean, and in the newest line for DLC, she collaborated her love of music with outlandish amounts of creativity, and the result is a must have.

Not just is DLC an awesome addition to a chic wardrobe, but it’s made of 85% vintage material, so it’s both sustainable and eco conscious!


The work of Domelsmith’s that was featured at the show included a few beautiful necklaces, several rad studs, and a series of brooches. One of the elements I loved most about the necklaces, was that each had its own character. It flourished on its own, but didn’t take too much attention from the clothes. The details of the necklaces went hand in hand with the character of the geometric studs, and the brooch seemed to tie the entire collection together.


However, one beautiful brooch was designed by the very talented Julianne Margiotta for her Juewles_Amelia line (above). It sat with one of Domelsmith’s works on the waist of one of the models and added a beautiful flourish to the overall look.

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