Doie Designs – Bambooliscious


Last month I had the awesome opportunity to shoot for Sara Kirsner’s Doie Designs. It may have not happened so smoothly, though, if the stars hadn’t aligned in some trippy kind of way…Let me explain:

Sara walked into a restaurant where she saw a photographer looking at some work. Lo and behold, the photographer (Lois) was looking at the stuff she had just shot for the bamboo issue of the S4 Newsletter for which I borrowed some of Sara’s pieces for.

Sara then asked Lois if she would shoot her lookbook. That same week, NY1 called me to do a piece on eco-fashion for their Fortune Business Report. They were looking to highlight a designer that sells in Whole Foods. Sara’s pieces are actually sold in Whole Foods, and just by chance, Lois’s studio is in the same building and same floor as NY1, so they came by to film our shoot!

Check out her pieces, including the ones you see here at doiedesigns.com