Eco-Beauty Consultant Jessa Blade's Recommendations for Dry Winter Skin


During Eco-Chick’s 3rd birthday party last month, I had the chance to meet eco-beauty consultant and make-up artist, Jessa Blades.

Jessa is the founder of Blades Natural Beauty and is a vessel of information regarding all things organic beauty and skincare.  Shortly after learning about the breast cancer and body lotion connection, I had noticed I was almost out of face moisturizer. I had been sampling various brands over the last few months, and since old man winter has stepped up his game, I realized I needed to try a different moisture rich face cream. I contacted Jessa to ask for her expert opinion on the best eco & body friendly facial moisturizers out there for the winter season. Here recommendations are a perfect follow up to my body lotion post last week. 

Mod.Skin Créme Nutri-functional #1 $48.00


This rich and lightly scented cream can either be used during the day or night use. It leaves a moisturized glisten to the skin without feeling heavy. It can be used for all skin types.(Can purchase on-line, specialty beauty stores/section or pick it up at Whole Foods)

Dr. Hauschka Toned Day Cream $39.95


This is Jessa’s favorite. It is a tinted moisturizer that contains therapeutic oils which reduce the appearance of irritation and irregular skin tones for a variety of complexions. It is ideal for normal skin types, but can also be used over-top of a moisturizer in the winter for extra dry skin. Plus, it has a great scent. (Can purchase on-line, specialty beauty stores/section or pick it up at Whole Foods)

Aubrey Organics $16.28


These facial moisturizers come in 5 different varieties according to skin type. The products are available at a wide variety of stores and being that the company was founded in 1967, their heritage is respected within the industry. (Can purchase on-line, at major retailers or pick it up at Whole Foods)

Lip & Skin Balm by makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift $30


Another one of Jessa’s favorite is this dual balm. You can use it on your lips, face or apply it around the eyes at night time. The balm hydrates and protects the skin with food grade, biologically active ingredients and comes in either-Simply Vanilla or Simply Cacao.