Eco-Chick Business: ecohome, berkeley ca


ecohome is definitely on my top 10 list of eco resources in my neighborhood that I’m thrilled to discover. Co-owned by two fellow eco-chicks Nina Boeddeker and Taja di Leonardi, ecohome sells “ecological & healthy home improvement products” (flooring, cabinetry, countertops, tiles, paints & plaster, stains & sealers) at really reasonable prices (even I can afford it). ecohome’s inviting and open layout appealed to the designer in me and didn’t resemble anything like the intimidating aisles of conventional hardware stores.

I wandered into ecohome this weekend and Taja was there to educate me about some of the products in the store and help me pick out some biodegradable organic furniture paint stripper I needed to refinish a dresser. Although I’m not ready to repaint the walls of my apartment just yet, ecohome has an impressive paint bar and a wide selection of high-quality non-toxic paints — many of which are Green Seal certified.

ecohome is a certified Bay Area Green Business as well as a member of the Co-op America, and offers a really informative Your Style, Your Life Newsletter highlighting new products, workshops offered and green events in the area that customers can subscribe to or view online. I would highly recommend stopping by ecohome the next time you’re in the East Bay!