Way Out Wax Does Lavender

Walking by a mainstream candle store on my way to the health food shop made my head pound almost instantly yesterday. The vulgar synthetic pumpkin smell being pumped out of this place was nothing remotely similar to any natural smell I have ever known. I am always amazed how many people burn these candles indiscriminately in their homes, sometimes all day long, filling the air with a stench that is supposed to evoke the aroma of a sugar cookie, an autumn breeze, or the smell of Christmas – Ugh! These odoriferous bombs make my nose itch. Go natural. Don’t expose your family and loved ones to synthetic, artificially derived fragrances that can cause allergies, asthma, and headaches. There are plenty of natural essential oils that can produce a pleasant scent experience.
As far as natural goes, lavender has always been one of my favorite herbs. At the health food store, I picked up a lavender candle made by Way Out Wax and it filled my house with the soothing smell. I try to support Vermont industries, having lived there in the past, and Way Out Wax makes it easy. This candle company makes some of the best smelling handmade candles around using soy and beeswax while avoiding dyes or artificial fragrances. Lavender has long been used as a stress aide, headache reliever, to deter insects, for skin problems and to alleviate insomnia and depression. As with all herbs, if you plan to use the essential oil directly, research the herb and its properties and cross-reference existing conditions and contradictory indications regarding therapeutic use.