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Eileen Fisher’s Spring Collection is Most Eco Ever!

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Eileen Fisher is one of the few larger brands that has, year-after-year, made real commitments to do more responsible business. I’ve continually been impressed with the company’s initiatives, which they add to, building a more responsible business season by season (that’s how you make environmental and social change sustainable in business, even one as challenging and volatile as fashion).

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 12.43.48 PMBluesign certified color-blocked blouse

As of Spring, 2014, the company’s collection is now more than half  (52%) sustainable, with 70% of the cotton used in the entire line being organic. Check out the & section on their site; it includes eco fabrics, fair-trade-made pieces, Made in USA basics, artisan accessories and more.

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Viscose travel dress: Made in USA

Becoming more mindful about clothing means looking at every fiber and every seed and every dye and seeing how to make it better. We don’t want sustainability to be our edge—we want it to be universal. – Eileen Fisher

· Every piece starts with clean water, clean air and a healthy environment for workers and wildlife.

· This season Eileen Fisher took a hard look at their mission and doubled the amount of organic fiber in their spring collection.

· Eileen Fisher is making a strong commitment to increase their organic fiber usage by 10% per year.

Pairing their environmental commitment with classic, long-lasting pieces is the other half of the equation—unlike fast fashion houses that attempt sustainability in their supply model but ultimately promote throwaway clothing, Eileen Fisher’s clothes are around for the long haul, constructed with an eye toward what we’ll be wearing for years (and made well enough to promote tailoring if you do want to change something up).

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Funnel neck top in organic linen cotton

Here, I’ve picked out some of my favorite pieces from the Spring, 2014 collection.

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Bluesign certified tunic 

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