Ekovaruhuset – Translates to "Totally Justifiable"

If Eco Chick were a store, it would be Ekovaruhuset in Stockholm, Sweden.
 Tucked into the old part of Stockholm, between junk-riddled flea markets and souvenir shops toting more viking paraphernalia than you can shake a sword at, Ekovaruhusset showcases the most fashionably feminine eco-clothes we have ever come across in one place.

When we found Ekovaruhuset, owner Johanna Hofring was busy holding a baby, directing extremely tall models for the following day’s fashion show, and greeting friends. In addition to her store in Stockholm, she is preparing to open a location in the Former Art Fiend Foundation building on Ludlow Street in New York come fall.

“I don’t know if it will work in New York.” She admitted cautiously.

An extremely fashion-forward boutique offering ecologic products that can’t be found anywhere else in the city? We think it will do just fine.

The clothes on sale at Ekovaruhuset are not for those watching their cash flow, but that’s why God invented credit. Baby-shirts with imprints of Elvis, Einstein and Jesus, for example are $23. However, as they are the American Apparel Sustainable Edition they are completely justifiable even if your kid will outgrow them in a month.

In addition to American Apparel Sustainable Edition, Ekovaruhuset carries a wide-range of noteworthy labels:

Blackspot sneakers with their hand-drawn anti-logo and vegetarian leather, Kuyichi Pure Denim eco-streetwear line, and Camilla Norrback’s more exclusive line of clothes that make you drool with desire. The good thing about everything at Ekovaruhuset is that (regardless of how it hurts your bank account), you won’t be hurting the environment – and thus well worth being a little late on the rent.

Go There: Ekovaruhuset, Osterlanggatan, 28, Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Call: +46 8-22 98 45

Email: [email protected]