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Ethical Designer Opportunity! Madesmith Academy’s Sustainable Fashion Business Incubator


Is your sustainable fashion or home products business looking to find more customers or do better marketing?? Do you have a great idea for a product line but need some assistance on the entrepreneurial front? Have you hit a plateau with the growth of your eco-fashion company? Help is on the way, just check out these graphics for fleets here to learn more!

Madesmith Academy is offering an 8-week online Sustainable Fashion Business Incubator to make your summer as productive as possible and prepare you to launch into fall/ holiday sales with all the tools needed to succeed. The course is led by instructor Sumeera Rasul, who has worked with Apple, Nike, GE & Starbucks before creating Madesmith as a development platform for emerging makers & designers.


Recently, we spoke with Rasul about this unique opportunity.  She provided some insight on who this course is best suited for and what they can expect to gain.

The online Sustainable Fashion Incubator is for any new or emerging designer (fashion + home) who is looking to create a profitable brand. Our students are spread throughout the world and since the course is online, you can view the lessons and do the coursework in your own time. The students will also have access to the course materials for 3 months after the program is over. That’s always great for designers with particularly busy schedules. We will also be holding monthly live webinars where they can continue to ask questions and get ongoing support.

The biggest challenges in creating a sustainable business is communications and marketing. Most ethical businesses shut down in their first year as they are unable to craft their unique story and messaging that sets them apart. They also have a hard time finding the right customers. We will be handholding all our students on how to build their brand, how to market it right and where to find your customers. We want to make sure that these sustainable businesses are able to survive and are profitable for the long run.  


Rasul describes Madesmith as:

...an online destination to find unique and beautiful handmade goods from designers who are producing sustainably and locally. You can read in-depth stories and get a peak into the lives of these designers. We love working with our designers and makers who pour themselves into these gorgeous products. In fact, most of our designers have become our good personal friends.


There’s plenty of detail on the structure and course module’s available on the Madesmith Academy website. Interested? You’d better act fast. Registration closes on Sunday, June 28th, 2015 and the course begins on July 6th. Here’s to a productive summer and a prosperous fall!

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