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Feral Childe Proves the Medium IS the Message for Fall Fashion

Feral Childe Hudson Pullover

Hudson Pullover in Bonded Cupro and Thieves Blouse in Stripe

We are huge fan-girls of made-in-NYC ecofashion label Feral Childe—and have been for years now. (Years! My oldest piece of FC is from their 2008 season—I think—peep the pseudo-seersucker blouse here from when I was living in Hawai’i).

Now that we’ve proven our Feral Childe old-school cred, we can move on. The designing duo’s newest collection is kind of like a Part 2 to last season’s Disappearing Object Phenomenon collection, and is called: The Medium is the Message (I shall take liberties and abbreviate it as MIM). And it’s—I’m making my own assumptions here—of a piece with Spring 2013’s collection, Ghost Ship Gradient. Ghosts, Things Disappearing and now…

Feral Childe Strange Cases Shirt

Strange Cases Shirt over Thieves Blouse, Old Pretender Pant

So what is this new collection about?

MIM asks: “What about the things we thought we saw, but perhaps were never really there to begin with?”

I LOVE this question (which takes a minute to wrap your brain around, I know. NO rush! We’ll wait.)


Feral Childe Phantom

Phantom Shell in Furniture Music Print and Magic Lantern Skirt in Wool Boucle

The reason this question sent a tiny shiver down my spine is due to the fact that I just finished John Irving’s novel, A Widow for One Year, which, in typical Irving style, includes some pretty convoluted storytelling, including a children’s book author as one of the main characters—who writes a book for young kids called A Sound Like Someone Trying Not to Make a Sound . 

Rings a bell, doesn’t it? These ideas of what we perceive—what is real and what is illusory—are deeply weird, and yet, very human.

Feral Childe Penniman Blazer

Penniman Blazer in Wool Boucle, Mumler Tee and Old Pretender Pant in Thieves Print

These are the kinds of things that Alice and Moriah, the bi-coastal designing duo behind the brand contemplate. And while I wouldn’t go quite so far as to call their clothes weird, they certainly crash through the boundaries of normal.

Feral Childe is all about what’s on the other side.

Feral Childe Poms Dress

Poms Long Shirtdress in Giant Poms Print

See the full The Medium is the Message collection here.

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