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For the Scent Obsessive: Eco-Chick’s Holiday Gift Guide #2


Our beloved and well-used (judging from the numbers of views and shares from past years) gift guide is BACK! As you know, we like our gifts to bring a smile to the faces of friends and families—and help small-business owners, local makers, and people who live and work in places who have a lot less than we do.

All the products below are fair-trade, ethical, locally made, eco-friendly, low-impact, or (most likely) some combination of the previous.

And if you are still looking for that perfect (ethical) thing for that special someone, our recent list of 8 great ethical boutiques is a great place to start—and so is our Resources page. Happy shopping!

Our second guide: For the Scent Obsessive! 



Acorelle makes fabulous French perfume that feels incredibly luxurious and decadent—but it’s made with the cleanest ingredients (EcoCert certified and labeled Certbio). The brand has some Absolu Tiare is my personal favorite, but if you are into rose, the Silky Rose is a gorgeous choice.

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A Perfume Organic comes from the amazing mind of Amanda Walker. I mean, talk about sustainable cred: Not only are they certified organic by Oregon Tilth, ingredients are “…free of petrochemicals, solvents, dyes, alcohol, pesticides, and synthetic chemicals” and packaging is thoughtful and recycled.

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Adoratherapy is the simple and fun way to try aromatherapy. Made with 100% pure, biodynamic, wildcrafted and organic ingredients, these little bottles of scented spritz are perfect for tossing in your bag or keeping in your workspace. How do you use them? Well, when I’m feeling frustrated or unfocused at my desk, I spray some of the Good Mood Boost into the air above my head and take a few deep breaths.

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Mahalo’s Vacation Glow is, first and foremost, a delicious treat for the skin. Its mix of “…Kukui oil, balancing Macadamia oil, repairing Sea Buckthorn oil, skin-miracle Argan oil, scar-fading Avocado oil, problem-solving Tamanu oil and youth enhancing COQ10” mean it soaks into skin deliciously (I use it on my hair too!). But the reason I keep reaching for it is its absolutely intoxicating Hawaiian-inspired scent, a rich combination of Hawaiian sandalwood, geranium, frankincense, ylang ylang, jasmine and tuberose. I love getting a whiff of it halfway through a long day; it makes me happy-happy, and relaxed at the same time—a total win.

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LURK has been one of this site’s fave perfumes since we first sat down with Anne Sanford in her NYC perfume studio a few years back. Made with all-natural ingredients in small batches.

From my original review of the scents: “BS003 might be my fave blend (I’m still deciding!), with a sandalwood base but a pop of bright citrusy-ness that brings the sandalwood out of the basement where it usually hangs out;PRJV1 is a combo of rose and a swoony funky jasmine sambac which takes the tropicality of the sometimes over-the-top flower essence and runs it through a muddy wetland TVPV1 is a black pepper and tuberose enfleurage combination (yep, its wonderfully spicy) AS01 is rosey and woody (and not too sweet), while RSW 005 is a tangy, androgynous scent.”

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Ecco Bella’s all-natural Ambrosia perfume is hand crafted by the Ecco Bella scent creators with a magical mixture of “…Egyptian geranium, black currant bud absolute, and Bulgarian lavender. Add to that the warmth of tropical ginger, Cardamom, clove, the mystical patchouli plus hypnotic vanilla.” It’s warm, wonderful, light, and Made in the USA.


Stinky Yogi makes beautiful mixed oils, yoga sprays (for mats, face, and more), and light perfumes, all with a light, kicky scents all derived from essential oils. Easy, inexpensive, and creatively mixed, these are like face and body refreshers to keep in your yoga bag or on your desk to get some aromatherapy anytime during your day.

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Strange Invisible Perfumes makes a range of amazing scents—but the perfect gift would be one of their Perfumes of the Zodiac (I swear by their Aquarian offering: Lavender, white sage and frankincense soothe our anxious minds).

Starre Vartan is founder and editor-in-chief of and the author of the Eco-Chick Guide to Life. She's also a freelance science and environment writer who has published in National Geographic, CNN, Scientific American, Mental Floss, Pacific Standard, the NRDC, and many more. She lives on an island in Puget Sound with her partner and black cat. She was a geologist in her first career, and still picks up rocks wherever she goes.