Get Your Eco Sexy On!

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Too bad I didn’t post this in time for Valentine’s Day! But there’s always Earth Day coming up….Babeland, the women-friendly sex toy store, now has an Eco-Sexy kit, which they describe thusly:

When you want something a bit racier to go with your organic strawberries, break out the Eco-Sexy Kit. This all-in-one kit includes the body-friendly Laya Spot vibrator and a selection of premium, all-natural spa products. The attractive Laya Spot is made of Elastomer, a new latex-free and phthalate-free material. The Babeland Massage Candle is made of skin-safe soy that transforms into warm, deliciously scented massage oil as it heats up. Emerita Natural Lube moisturizes while keeping things slick (and the company doesn’t test on animals or use animal-derived ingredients). Top off your sexcapade with the Mamba Condoms, produced by a well-regarded Swedish non-profit whose testing process is 15 times more stringent than any other condom company in the world!

eco-sexy kit from Babeland
The Eco-Sexy Kit

Babeland also has a selection of rechargable vibrators, so you don’t have to use wasteful, polluting one-use batteries to get off.

One of the latest innovations in vibrator design, rechargeable toys like the Acuvibe and Jasmine boast the powerful vibrations of traditional electric vibrators but are completely cord-free. The Je Joue, a programmable vibrator, is truly a technological wonder. The Chandra, a sexy, mini-vibrator that slips over your fingertip, offers the ultimate in portability.

Je Joue
The Je Joue

Also, check out this fantastic ‘Ecoholic’ article from Toronto’s alternative weekly, entitled, “Is Your Sex Life Eco-Friendly?” It has some Toronto-specific info, but plenty that will be useful and interesting to us Yanks too.

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