Goin' Nuts for the Palma Collection


The Palma Collection is completely on par with my sense of style: artisanal, vibrantly exotic and steeped with a raw edge.

Palma’s vivid collection of jewelry is made from the “vegetable ivory” of the fruit or the nut of the Tagua tree (Phytelephas macrocarpa). When I received my pieces in the mail, I was surprised to see how lightweight the jewelry was. All pieces are handcrafted in Colombia by native artisans. The nut is harvested seasonally, only after it falls off the tree. Once the nuts reach the artisan crafter, they are polished until they get that clean and shiny look. Then, the nuts are cut with extreme care in order to give them different forms, and they are French-dyed into various vivid colors.

Visit palmacollection.com and view the video to find out how the necklaces are made.