Gratitude: Non Toxic Perfume by Zorica of Malibu


Zorica Denton, former European model, moved to Malibu and worked in the beauty industry for some time before becoming disillusioned with the copious amount of products women were being told they “must have.” Choosing simpler methods that utilized natural ingredients, Zorica researched products for two years and then developed her own line for those with sensitive skin or chemical sensitivities. The line is made in small batches and a portion of all the proceeds are donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

The subtle scent of vanilla is smoothly blended with the citrus effervescence of grapefruit in this tantalizing organic fragrance that uses aromatherapy to lift your spirit. Gratitude pure perfume by Zorica of Malibu is a refreshing natural perfume that uses no alcohol, preservatives, or artificial ingredients. The top notes sing of summer fruit, but a woodsy, sweet finish of vanilla combines to create a clean, but warm scent. It is perfect in warm weather but it wears nicely on these frigid days as well, when our noses need to be reminded of sunshine and tropical fruits.

Gratitude truly reflects Zorica’s attitude toward beauty; “When you feel good inside, your beauty will radiate outside on your face.” Zorica reminds us to take care of the inner self in order to truly accept aging and reflect inner radiance. Exercising, eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking water, and getting plenty of rest are all part of the beauty regimen for Zorica. It is simple, but perfect.