Fair Fashion

Incredible Video Shows How Regular People Respond to the Real Story Behind Cheap Clothes


Love a deal? Us too. Ever wonder what gets cut to give you a cheap shirt? Often, it’s laborer wages, which range from not-enough to pretty-much-slavery.

Fashion Revolution encourages people to ask #whomademyclothes and to Tweet those labels at the companies that manufacture them, to show that we consumers do really care about this issue.

Recently, the organization engaged in a brilliant guerilla education campaign*: They placed a 2Euro T-Shirt vending machine in Berlin to see if awareness might change consumer choices. Watch what happens below:

Eight out of ten shoppers chose to donate the money instead of purchasing the shirts. Just watching their faces was pretty incredible, wasn’t it?

Want to take action and help raise awareness? It’s easy:



Read more about Fashion Revolution here.

*To memorialize the senseless, pointless deaths of  1,133 workers who were killed when a clothing manufacturing plant collapsed in Bangladesh in 2013), Fashion Revolution hosts Fashion Revolution Day in April of every year to bring attention to this entirely solvable problem—this box was set up to bring attention to the FRD message this year.

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