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Jane Iredale’s Natural Lipstick: Live in Full Bloom with PureMoist


As I walk into Floristy in the Flatiron district of Manhattan the first thing I notice is the sweeping displays of flowers arching over head and sprinkled at my feet within the breathtaking open space. Then my eye travels to a table of violet dahlias placed near a display of lipsticks.  These aren’t just any lipsticks.  It’s Jane Iredale’s new collection of PureMoist Lipsticks, in new colors and a new natural lipstick formula that smells of raspberries and blackberries—as good as the surrounding flowers.


Although the PureMoist Lipstick collection is new, Jane Iredale’s line of mineral cosmetics is anything but.  Founded in 1994, Jane was one of the first to grace the cosmetic industry with a natural makeup that was equal in performance to conventional stuff. Before launching her line, Jane was working in the entertainment industry and witnessed first-hand the negative effects on the skin of caking on a ton of makeup. Today Jane Iredale can be found across the US and in over forty countries.


The New Collection

Jane Iredale’s new line, PureMoist Lipstick is filled with natural oils and fruit pigments that leave your lips feeling as soft as flower petals, and as bright too!  The natural lipstick ingredients do not compromise color, as the many shades and pigments are bright and long lasting.  A single lipstick can take you far, just check out the image below of all the different ways you can apply a pop of color to your lips.


The lipstick, launching in September 2013, will be is available in 24 shades each equally beautiful in color, encouraging us to live in full bloom!


Lips image Photo Credit: cobalt123

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