Knock, Knock – Knockers – and Knocked Up


C’mon, you gotta know me by now…I just had to go searching for this one…

S-t-r-e-t-c-h marks: We either got  ’em, are going to get ’em, or are OCD enough that we have to prevent them even if we’re not prone to them!

So I went surfing the big cyber waves and came up with Earth.Mama.Angel.Baby….(no relation to Gwen’s –  Love.Angel.Music.Baby – (even though she can use this on her big frontal bump right now)…Very interesting copywrite:

“Massage this light, luscious oil onto your growing middle section, hips and breasts… It’s infused with certified organic chamomile and calendula to keep your skin moisturized, soft and pliant. You can also pour it into a warm bath and/or massage it into your perineum…” WOW, that is enough to turn any guy on I’d imagine…
* Guess what? It also has no nut oils? good, cause we never really liked nuts anyway! And they say it smells like heaven!!! Hmmm, how the hell do they know that?!?