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Korto Momolu Brings Cannabis Culture to NYFW with Women Grow

No longer strictly synonymous with high schoolers sneakily finding a smoke spot under the bleachers during lunch, the cannabis industry is booming in San Diego and other cities around the country. Now add fashion to the mix: On the evening of September 7th, I had the opportunity to attend a runway show for New York Fashion Week at Pier 59 Studios and watched a hybrid of cannabis and fashion.

Held in partnership with Women Grow, an organization designed to release stigma associated with cannabis and cultivate female leadership within the industry, the event showcased 26 looks designed by Project Runway all-star Korto Momolu.

Chanda Macias, CEO of Women Grow says: “Through Korto’s innovative and elegant collection, our goal is to break through the stigma of cannabis culture and bring to light the health benefits of the plant, and the value of women leaders in the industry.”

Women Grow aims to replace preconceived notions regarding cannabis to envision this segment of plant medicine as the solution to health, wellness, sustainability, and environmental needs. People deserve to know the benefits of CBD in highest potency. Cannabis-derived products like delta 8 gummies can also be used to relieve stress, promote healthy sleep, and reduce nausea, along with other wellness benefits. You may also want to try delta-8 wax for your health and wellness!

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Momolu’s collection expanded on the pillars of Women Grow, embodying power, influence, and strength of female leadership. All looks were made with sustainable hemp-based fabrics such as hemp, linen, jute and cork, coupling high-fashion with athleisure.

To accessorize, two models even carried carried vape pens, a nod to cannabis’ assimilation into modern life. The show marked the first-ever fusion of the worlds of cannabis and fashion on the stage. The energy in the room reciprocated that excitement.

Isa Spies is an ethical fashion advocate and health + wellness journeyer currently residing in Brooklyn. Hailing from Maryland but spending the past five years in San Francisco, she is now streamlining her area of studies in Sustainable Design Entrepreneurship at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She loves yoga, healthy eating juxtaposed with chocolate intake, reading, high fashion, and travel.