Little White Dress Challenge, Day Eight: Tee Time

Sometimes it’s just a pants day, no matter the weather or the heat; I just like a good looking pant that’ll get me around the city. These blue cropped pants are just too delicious not to spend some time in, especially when I need to retire my white jeans for a weekend. I decided to tuck in my little white dress, adding both a tad of formality, but also an interesting spin off! Yet another look where friends had to look twice. I loved being able to wear my dress as a tee. It really lent itself to its versatility, not even wrinkling by the end of the day!


I got my awesome FEED bag online which I absolutely love! It goes with everything and it’s the perfect everyday bag to use. It looks stylish especially with my adorable pair of TOMS. It’s so easy to be sustainable and chic.


I read this except from Maggie Nelson’s Bluets this week and had to share it, simply since it made me smile:

“For no one really knows what color is, where it is, even whether it is. (Can it die? Does it have a heart?) Think of a honeybee, for instance, flying into the folds of a poppy: it sees a gaping violet mouth, where we see an orange flower and assume that it’s orange, that we’re normal.”

Here is how I wore my little white dress on day seven!

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