Little White Dress Challenge, Day Ten: Downward Dog in Style

day ten

Super comfy is my go-to look. It doesn’t matter if I’m running for a coffee with a friend, doing an errand, or simply strolling around the city, I love to wear my yoga clothes. Sweats have never done it for me, so my super comfy Lululemon leggings are a favorite, along with a cute tank and lightweight tee.

I’d been toying with the idea of using my Bodkin Little White Dress as a scarf for a few weeks now, but until Lauren suggested a try that as a look I hadn’t actually gone ahead with it. Boy, had I been missing out! I slipped the bottom ends through the arm holes and before I knew it I had a chic scarf that complimented my yoga style.

This is one of my favorite looks because not just does it look adorable it just goes to show how versatile this LWD really is. Go ahead, do it yourself! Make it today that instead of letting the still tagged clothes pile up! Try modelling an old scarf as a belt or a vintage slip as a chic dress, (making sure you have the proper undergarments, otherwise a big no no) or any other creative idea you’ve thought about but never tried!.

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