London is well-fashioned in many ways

The Crafts Council Gallery will be hosting a show that will house the U.K.’s small, albeit blossoming eco-fashion industry.

Allison Willoughby SkirtWell Fashioned examines the various ways in which fashion designers approach ‘green’ fashion, from materials and processes to concepts and techniques. Some outfits use organic or alternative fabrics like hemp, bamboo, wild silk and ingeo. Other exhibitors consider the ecological value of synthetic fabrics and biodegradable and recycled plastics.

Curator Rebecca Earley comments: ‘We hope that the exhibition will sow the seeds of change for a more ecological and ethical approach to fashion. Given that the majority of a garment’s impact on the environment occurs after the item has left the shop, an important part of the exhibition looks at the role of the consumer. How can a garment be bought, washed and disposed of as ecologically and ethically as possible?’

Some notables that will be there: Terra Plana, Kate Goldsworthy, and Ting.

More information can be found via: The Crafts Council