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The Most Transparent T-Shirt Ever? Loomstate Takes on the Challenge

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We are huge fans of t-shirts that look cute AND do good in the world (why shouldn’t our fave workhorse clothes do even more?): So we were intrigued by Loomstate’s claim that they were making the “most transparent t-shirt ever.” But check out the video below on their next collection and you can see that this might certainly be the case, since the company is creating new tees that are grown-to sewn in North Carolina (so it will be known exactly what happens at every level of production—the excess cotton seed will even go to feed cows!).

As detailed by Loomstate:

Our next collection of organic cotton tees will be grown and made entirely in North Carolina! With the support of TS Designs, we know exactly where our cotton is grown, where it is ginned and where the shirts are sewn. We even know where the seeds from the cotton crop go….to cows at a nearby organic dairy farm! This is full transparency and we are so proud to share this story with you. Thanks as well to George Teague the dairy farmer and Orpha Gene the cotton farmer.

BE THE FIRST TO KNOW when the tees are all grown and sewn and available for you >> eepurl.com/ShwnD

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