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Luca Chiara Vegan Bags & RFID Wallets: Leather-Free Italian Style


Who says modern Italian accessories have to equal leather? Luca Chiara‘s line of well-wearing wallets and bags are all animal-free—and fabulous. The company sent me a bag and a passport holder/wallet to check out, and I put them through their paces over the last few months as I traveled up and down the West Coast, and to New York City and back.


These high-quality vegan accessories nail it in every category. You can hardly tell they’ve been used (even though I’ve definitely been toting stuff around like a crazy person. The Vegan Leather computer bag fit plenty of work materials and the tough base meant I was comfortable putting it down anywhere!



I loved that the Salon wallet/clutch had RFID tags in it (all their wallets do), which prevents identity theft from chipped ID cards, credit cards, and passports. I will use this when traveling to have one less thing to worry about!

Luca Chiara uses a double weight, specially developed metal woven stainless steel material. We fuse all of our wallets so that each credit card slot is individually steel lined and protected. Our wallets and cases block “two-way transmission” so you card cannot send or receive an unwanted signal.


Many of Luca Chiara’s bags and accessories are on sale now; check out their site for plenty more styles and colors!


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