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Meet the Makers Debut Video: Eco Jewelry Designer Natalie Frigo Shows Us How She Creates

Welcome to the new “Meet the Makers” series on Eco Chick, where we dig into designers’ creative processes, so you can see how they make their magic.

I’ve long been curious about where the inspiration and ideas come from when jewelry and fashion designers, shoemakers, artists and others sit down at their sketchbook or computer screen and start making something from nothing. It’s equally fascinating seeing how that idea, once fully formed, then becomes a real thing we can wear or use. What are the tools, processes and training needed to make wearable, useful art? What are the challenges? And since all of these creators are working with eco-friendly materials or processes, how do they incorporate that thinking into what they do? We all get to find out with “Meet the Makers”.

About this Maker: Natalie Frigo is an NYC-based jewelry designer. You can see more about her in this recent piece here on Eco Chick, as well as see more of her work on her site. Watch the video above to see how Natalie makes this gorgeous ring below, from inspiration, to finish!


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