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Mink Vegan Shoes: Ultra-luxe, Italian Made and Animal-Loving!


We have LONG been fans of MINK shoes (they were one of our first posts ever on Eco Chick!) and now you can get an awesome pair of fabulous shoes and support vegan shoemaking at the highest level, by supporting MINK’s new IndieGoGo campaign. I am!

Mink is an ultra-luxe collection of Italian-made vegan shoes. Mink believes that you do not need give up quality, fit, creativity or style to be vegan. Minks mission is dedicated to leading the fashion industry into an era of responsibility towards animals, people and the planet!

Rebecca Mink founded Mink in the year 2000 with a simple vision.

To change the way people see leather shoes. Leather shoes are not better then non leather. It is a misconception… an old school thought process embedded in our minds!

Mink is made from the highest quality 100% Italian non animal components and fabrics. All materials are carefully chosen by Rebecca for their unique look, durability, eco properties, and factory conditions. Mink is dedicated to producing the highest quality vegan shoe without having to compromise. Why choose between being vegan and looking great? Mink makes it possible to be both.

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