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Affordable, Wearable, and Comfortable: How I Wear Eco Fashion


Cari and Brenden are the positive force behind Hooked Productions—they design and sell super-comfy, low-impact (and very well-priced) clothes for men and women (and babies!) that are made in the USA (yay!). When they offered to let me try something out, I jumped at the organic cotton sweet Starry Night maxi skirt. I paired it with a vintage slip, my recycled-materials Sorel boots, a recycled poly blouse and a thick leather belt—and went out romping in my backyard! 

Skirt 1

We are consciously aware of both the environmental and economic impact of importing goods from overseas countries. For these reasons, Hooked Productions strives to manufacture sustainable garments, made in the USA, and printed using the most environmentally responsible practices here in upstate New York. Although it costs us more to do so, we feel that sacrificing profits is more important than compromising our environment and economy.

Skirt 3 Corr.jpg

Hooked sells their eco fashion  at over 100 boutiques nationwide and in Canada and across the country at music festivals and other transient marketplaces. Keep an eye out for them! Oh, and in case you are wondering where their name came from….

Many years of traveling led to the revelation that we were hooked on living the life that we loved most. An adventure of living deeply and passionately with friends, family, nature and music as constant companions seemed a life not only desirable, but necessary and attainable.

Sounds like Cari and Brenden have it figured out!

P.S. I also got to try out one of Hooked’s super-soft bamboo Luna shirts; I wear it all the time and love it!

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