kettile chips

So I don’t normally go on about how much I love a certain product on Eco Chick, unless it’s really, really good (and it relates to the environment, somehow).

But oh my god, how much do I love the new BBQ Kettle Chips! And I NEVER even pick up BBQ flavored anything, in fact, I’m not really into potato chips…..well, uh, except sometimes, like whenever I have a bag in the house.

Not only are these chips supertasty, but Kettle’s working with the National Wildlife Federation to promote the org’s backyard habitat programs, which encourages homeowners and renters alike to turn their little bit of backyard turf (or acres of lawn) into patches of wildlife habitat. This doesn’t mean keeping a black bear in your 1/2 acre behind the house, but what it does mean is planting indigenous flora to attract (and feed) birds, butterflies and beneficial insects, and providing places for animals and insects to nest and hide from predators. NWF will show you how, and if you get your yard wildlife-friendly through the program, Kettle Chips will send you a free bag of chippy wonderfulness.

(Now if only Kettle would start making ALL of their chips from organic potatoes!!)

Kettle also goes green by having a LEED gold-certified factory in Wisconsin, have revitalized a wetlands nearby to their Salem, Oregon HQ, and has wind turbines on their roof as well as offsetting the rest of their energy use with wind credits.

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