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Meadow’s designs are all about the detail, from creatively lined pockets to patterned layers, all presented in modern neutrals and natural (but not boring) tones of green, blue and lavender. The line is designed with fabrics like hemp, Tencel, and bamboo, and while some of the pieces have a vintage feel, plenty of them are body-skimming moderns. Meadow has created both a ready-to-wear line and a swimwear line that’s all about adorable patterns.

You can vote for Meadow in Daily Candy’s Sweetest Things year-end competition. She up against all non-eco designers so cast a vote for the designer who’s Green! 

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Meadow Compton-Gerrish, the designer of Meadow

I had a quick chat with Meadow via email about her designs and inspirations, and this is what she had to say:

What is the inspiration for your designs?

The inspiration for my designs comes from all things natural,  and the quality craftmanship of vintage clothing.

Why ecofriendly fabrics?
Eco-friendly fabrics seems like the best option for me to express my self through fashion without causing harm to our precious Earth. I grew up in the natural food industry and eat all organic so the clothes I design should not compromise the path I want to take towards living a sustainable lifestyle.

What’s your design background?
I have always been a designer and creative person. I was always creating things as a child….while hanging out in my father’s natural food restaurant…..so I wanted to combine those two worlds. I went to Miami International University of Art and Design and graduated with honors. This is my first collection out of design school.

Who are your favorite designers? 
Marc Jacobs and stella McCartney.

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