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This isn’t so much an Eco-Event as it is a Chick-Event.

Feminism Blogging Panel

Jessica of Feministing is speaking at the panel, which will be on blogging and feminism.

Tuesday, November 14
Altschul Atrium, Altschul Hall
(Barnard is located between 116th and 120th streets on the west side of Broadway)
Free & open to the public

From the Barnard Center for Research on Women:

Cyberspace . . . will have important effects in encouraging women to participate in designing and implementing models of economic development, constructing stable democracies, ensuring that different cultures can exist side by side without violent conflict and providing the sense of trust, partnership and solidarity that are necessary to any society in which people cooperate for mutual well-being. – Lourdes Arizpe

Of the internet’s viability as a tool for political change, we ask, is there a better example than the blog? Young and youthfully minded feminists have learned that blogging allows them to carve out personal and political spaces where their lives, their issues, their analyses of the world can come into sharp focus. Outside the confines of mainstream media, where women are addressed (usually exclusively) as consumers, feminist bloggers have become the cultural producers blazing some of the most radical and rousing paths toward revolutionary social change.

This one is free and has no reservations required. I’ll be at this one for sure! Go! It will be really interesting. I think that the topic of women in the blogosphere is a HUGE considering the male dominance that we see. It should be fab.