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Vegan Vivobarefoot Shoes Connect Your Feet to Your Brain (and the Planet)

Vivobarefoot shoes let your feet do their thing. I hiked through Block Island in my Vivobarefoot Hikers, feeling totally in control, comfortable and free!

Hiking is one of my favorite things in the world to do. I feel like I’m exploring a museum outdoors; mother nature truly is the finest of curators. But I’m a relatively new mountain girl (I grew up closer to the water than the mountains) and so it wasn’t until my upstate NY born-and-bred boyfriend, who lived out in Colorado for many years, introduced me to the wonders of a good hike that it became such a passion. We leave the concrete jungle that is Manhattan practically every weekend and hiking is our escape. By foot, I’ve hiked everywhere from British Columbia, Utah, New Mexico and Montana to the Catskills, Joshua Tree, Yellowstone and Vermont. But I haven’t been exploring at peak performance. I’ve been in desperate need of a pair of sustainable, durable and comfortable hiking shoes for a while now, but I held off until the perfect pair presented itself to me. On tough terrain, sneakers just don’t cut it.

I have finally found em’ ladies! The Vivobarefoot Hiker is 100 percent vegan, waterproof and innovative, and everything I was looking for in a hiking shoe. It’s incredibly lightweight and lets your feet actually feel the terrain which has been super helpful in helping me keep my balance on more challenging hikes. It’s ultra-durable and yet has a well-balanced feminine look so I still feel cute on the trail. (Because let’s be honest, that matters to mountain girls too.)

vivobarefoot hiker in block island
Vivobarefoot’s flexible and wide foot shaped shoes allows your muscles and tendons to load, splay and recoil putting a natural spring in your step.

Vivobarefoot takes a unique approach to footwear unlike any other brand out there because they respect the foot as the biomechanical masterpiece that it is. With 200,000 nerve endings, 33 major muscles, 28 bones and 19 ligaments, our feet should be given the opportunity to provide our brains with sensory feedback. Vivobarefoot allows us to reconnect and feel the earth with our feet in our modern world, just like our ancient ancestors.

vivobarefoot hiker - eco-chick
This sustainable off-road hiking shoe is designed to let your feet perform as nature intended, wherever the trail takes you.

The company traveled the world to meet and learn from the best of the best in biomechanics and anatomy, as well as the leading modern and indigenous shoe makers. They spent time with the Saami of Northern Finland to learn about their Reindeer Moccasins and the San Bushmen of the Kalahari who make sandals out of Eland skin to protect their feed from 104 degrees Fahrenheit sand and camel thorns. The Eland skin inspired Vivobarefoot to create their own patented, puncture resistant sole for maximum sensory feedback with protection. The company also makes gorgeous, everyday shoes like summery sandals made with ancient shoe crafting techniques, eco canvas slip ons and stylish rainboots perfect for all seasons.

Starre and I are both huge fans of walking barefoot so Vivobarefoot is the ideal shoe brand for a true Eco-Chick! Want your feet to reconnect with mother earth too?

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