The Natural Beauty and Sustainability of Reclaimed Wood

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One trend we are happy to see has stuck around is reclaimed wood furniture, which has continued to gain in popularity. This furniture is made of wood which is recovered from the old wooden buildings, especially meant for demolition. Although there are fresh and good woods available for furniture, why consider reclaimed wood furniture? Well, there are many reasons behind that.

Environmentally Friendly: Reclaimed woods are environmentally friendly, as they can be reused or recycled and eliminate the need to manufacture new wood, which uses a lot of energy to process from tree to wood, in the cutting, processing, and shipping of the final product. Click here to find out more eco-friendly wood products.

Low Impact Manufacturing: By using recycled wood, emphasis is on using a low impact method of manufacturing furniture. This is because the lumber has beet already cut and treated. Eliminating this step means less pollution. Moreover, the reclaimed wood grains strength over the time and needs fewer and sometimes no harsh chemical treatments unlike the newer woods, where the manufacturer is required to treat the wood with chemicals to strengthen it, get more information from this contact form.

Limiting Deforestation: One of the biggest benefits of using Colorado reclaimed wood is that it can limit deforestation—even today, plenty of wood is taken from old-growth forests or ones that are not being managed sustainably. When these trees are cut to develop new furniture from the wood, it affects an entire ecosystem negatively. So using already-cut trees for furniture avoids this problem.

Low Cost And High Durability: As we need strong wood for furniture, specially our bedroom furniture set, often freshly cut wood cannot be used directly due to processing as mentioned above, which takes time. Often reclaimed wood is less expensive than freshly cut wood (look around for deals or contact demolition houses to buy directly from the source.)

Unique Furniture: The rugged and natural beauty of the repurposed old timber helps the manufacturers to create the new unique pieces with an inbuilt character, which is the result of years of environmental distressing and weathering. Reclaimed furniture is furniture that has been given a new lease of life. The reclaimed wood furniture has a unique personality which makes these reclaimed furniture one of its kind. It can add serious value to the overall home décor.

Antique Wooden Furniture Look: With reclaimed wood, you can achieve a desirably unique look which is hard to find in the new wood and materials. The reclaimed wood gives the rustic and unique look similar to antique wood furniture. Moreover, you can have the antique look in a contemporary design. These designs have a unique flare, and that too at the low cost. You might also want to read this Homelegance Furniture Review if you’re looking for a new furniture collection.

Apart from the aforementioned advantages, the aesthetic appeal of the wood is another main reason why they are still in demand. These woods will have a distinct aged look, which a newly cut wood may not deliver. Moreover, it is also not always necessary that the reclaimed wood furniture will have a rustic look. As the reclaimed wood furniture is made from preserved, polished and maintained wood, they can bring a stylish look according to the modern trend.

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