7 Natural Design Inspirations for a Soulful Home


From bedroom to bathroom, kitchen to living room, enhancing your home with earthy elements will make you and your home feel more alive and connected. If you’re aspiring to find a way to bring the great outdoors into your pad, then read on for some organic inspiration to enhance your home environment.

Looking at nature’s elements within your home will bring you great joy. Be sure to find decorative elements (like indoor plants that improve air quality!).

Consciously curate.


Sleep on nature with a Coco-Mat mattress. 

Find furniture that not only supports your well-being, but mother nature’s too. Coco-Mat mattresses are made with responsible materials like coco fiber, cactus, cotton and seaweed which means you’ll have a more restful sleep, free of toxins—which will keep your overall indoor air quality higher.

Go the reclaimed wood route.


An Environment furniture dining table made from reclaimed Brazilian Peroba Rosa wood. 

Reclaimed wood design elements and furniture are beautifully earthy and durable. Be sure to buy custom timber dining tables for the rustic edge you’re after. You can also shop your local flea for antique wood furniture to bring back the wonder of early century home look. My dream home has reclaimed wood railroad beams used as ceiling support!

Consider a new neighborhood.


If where you live doesn’t work for you, consider a move—maybe a big one! If you want a community where nature merges with the grandeur of the home, then beautiful Brisbane in Australia should be one of your options. You can check out a house for sale in Brisbane to help you get creative with style direction. However if you’re looking to sell your home or real estate for a fair cash offer, then you can check out this sell my home for cash in Knoxville TN reviews for more helpful tips!

Give the sun a warm embrace.


One of the quickest, cheapest, and most affordable natural elements that people forget about is sunlight. Make sure natural daylight floods into the rooms in your home which will make inhabitants in your home feel inspired and healthy. Think about this in your next home design idea—perhaps installing Bespoke Doors or even a skylight to make your existing space connected to the seasonal cycles of the sun.

Go for a monocolor scheme.


All-white, with variations on texture, rather than color, can create a peaceful space; you could also choose your favorite color (can you imagine the room above all in lavenders? Equally restful, in a different way.) Think a field of flowers of all one color, a blanket of snow, the blue sky meeting the blue ocean—nature has many color-on-same-color design inspirations.


Use textiles for color and texture.


If a monocolor scheme isn’t your style, try kilm or oriental rugs or various sizes, and pillow covers with textiles from around the world—just adding those two elements to a room can completely transform it. Traditional textiles almost always include natural elements and homages to the natural world—look for botanical dyes and handweaving.
What are your favorite natural elements to use as design in your home? Share them with us!

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