Need to Do Tiny Loads of Wash (Saving Serious Water Too)? Actress Malin Akerman Shows How

Malin Akerman, left, star of Showtime’s hit show Billions, spins tirelessly alongside Cyc Fitness founder Keoni Hudoba at LG’s ‘Fit-Fashion’ event Wednesday, June 29, 2016 in New York. A celebrity fitness enthusiast, Malin uses the LG SideKick to protect her favorite workout gear with its Active Wear-specific cycle. Photo by LG.
Malin Akerman, left, star of Showtime’s hit show Billions, spins tirelessly alongside Cyc Fitness founder Keoni Hudoba at LG’s ‘Fit-Fashion’ private event in New York. Photo by LG.

I decided Lara Axelrod in Billions, played by actress Malin Akerman, was a chick I could hang out with from the very first few episodes of her show. For starters, she runs a farm to table restaurant that sources from the abundance of her own farm. Pretty rad. Secondly, she’s a woman that won’t be messed with; while she’s the wife of a billionaire, which isn’t without its perks, she doesn’t play the subservient trophy wife portrayed so often in Hollywood. Lara is smart and strong, and she runs the Axelrod home with an iron fist (though something’s telling me she doesn’t do her own laundry).

Lindsay E Brown - LG-Malin-Ackerman
About to have Keoni Hudoba of Cyc Fitness whip me into shape. I’m in the middle in the black 3/4 length yoga pants, appearing slightly fearful of the forthcoming workout! Photo by LG. 

Malin Akerman, who plays Lara, actually does do her own laundry in real life. Like every other busy mom and working woman, Akerman balances her personal goals (she dedicates time daily for self-care and fitness) with everyday chores and stresses, which includes laundry and keeping her son Sebastian happy and healthy.


I attended a private spin class co-lead by Cyc Fitness Founder Keoni Hudoba and Akerman to celebrate the LG SideKick pedestal washer. I walked in thinking they’d go easy on us journalists, but nope! It was a grueling 55 minute class and I got off my bike winded, sore (a good sore) and drenched in sweat, ready to re-fuel with a Juice Press smoothie.

A calm, hair down moment with Malin (middle) and my best friend Stephanie (right) before our class started. 

LG SideKick is the industry-first “mini”washing machine that can be placed under the main LG front-loader washer, in the footprint of a traditional laundry pedestal. The SideKick solves the age-old issue of just needing to wash a few small, delicate items  – yoga pants, sports bra, bathing suits, undies – without having to waste water (it uses one-eighth of the water of other washers) or waiting to do a full load of laundry.


Akerman says the LG SideKick pedestal washer has been a lifesaver. “Now, I can quickly and easily wash my son’s favorite whale shirt that he literally wears every day, my go-to yoga pants that keep me grounded and our bathing suits between beachside visits during the summer – all without waiting for big laundry loads to pile up or wasting energy and water,” says Akerman. “As a busy mom and an environmentalist, these are major priorities in my life.”

Lindsay E Brown-LG-Malin Ackerman
I look like I’m struggling! This is literally right after Hudoba cranked up my gear. Photo by LG. 

LG Electronics first announced its environmental vision in 1994 and since then, its continued to be a leader in smarter, more sustainable innovation. The launch of the LG SideKick underscores its commitment to environment preservation and sustainable social advancement. “Environmental sustainability has become as important to our customers as it has been to our company for a long time,” LG senior vice president of home appliances J.T. Lee told Eco-Chick.

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