New Green Magazines from Australia, Sweden and America


Coco Eco Magazine is the brainchild of Anna Griffin, who’s known in the LA scene for keeping tabs on ecotrends, hooking celebs up with green, and has hosted videos for Ecorazzi. She put together a superstar team for her mag:

I have the best and brightest people in the eco-scene working with me. They really are mavericks! My Beauty Director is Emma Pezzack, CEO of Futurenatural.com, our Photo Director is Courtney Dailey who is one of the hottest new photographers in LA, and our Senior Stylist is Robin Garvick who is THE eco-celeb fashion stylist in town. We also have Contributors like the legendary Barbara Kramer of Designers & Agents, Stefanie La Rue, breast cancer survivor and Founder of SLAM.

Read more about the mag (which launches officially this weekend!) on The Greenloop blog.


Peppermint is Australia’s first ecofashion magazine, and it’s first issue is chock full of fabulous green resources from Down Under. In an interview with Remy C on The Greenloop blog, the editor of Peppermint, Kelley Sheenan, runs down the list of Aussie and Kiwi ecodesigners and natural beauty products (excerpt below-the whole interview is worth checking out!):

It’s an exciting time as eco fashion is still in it’s infancy in this part of the world, so there are some fabulous new designers emerging now as the ‘green’ consciousness spreads – leading the way would definitely be Gorman, Akira, Bird Textile, Skin & Threads, Bassike, Darling Clementine, Elsom; all of which are world-class designers.

However there are lots of small labels that are appearing too – like Heidi and Seek, Fourth Daughter, Mother Maria, Kara Smith, Moneypenny, Thea & Sami, Rebecca Ward Jewellery… I could go on and on! There are some great green designers in New Zealand too – Untouched World, Starfish, and Kowtow all deserve a mention.

Natural skincare and cosmetics is definitely an area that is well-represented in this part of the world, with beautiful chemical-free products coming from companies like Miessence (the world’s first skin care range certified organic to food standards), Sanctum, Jurlique, Living Nature, and Perfect Potion. Model, photographer and activist Hannah Fraser is someone we hope to work with (known for her trip to Japan with Hayden Panettiere) and of course Isabel Lucas, who you may have seen in Alter Eco on Planet Green.

Read the original entry for links to all the brands listed above!


I haven’t read Sweden’s EcoQueen Magazine– I’ve only heard about it, but from the cover the editors are obviously taking a very light-hearted look into green fashion. Here’s what one Swedish blogger had to say about the first issue’s contents:

EcoQueen, who’s attitude towards ecological aspects could at best be described as more playful. Even Vecko-Revyn is publishing a piece on ecological dresses from several Swedish fashion companies. However, they focus more on H&M than thoroughly ecological clothing company DEMCollective (also based in Göteborg) who act as true societal entrepreneurs using their company to impact the clothing industry.

Spread from EcoQueen Magazine. Courtesy of Remy C.

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