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New Work by Ariel Shallit: Paintings Featuring Progressive Icons, Environmental and Women-focused Themes

“Billie Holiday, 1949” 36 inches h x 24 inches w. Oil and acrylic.

If you’re a regular reader of Eco-Chick, you might recognize the style of the paintings above and below; that’s because they’re by Ariel Shallit , who created our header image (yes, the main image for this site is a real oil painting, painstakingly and carefully rendered over countless hours, not a computer graphic!). Next week, Ariel is showing his newest work in NYC (see details below), which includes pieces from his series, “American Patriots,” and “Flags,” as well as others.

As painter and portraitist Elena Ab says, “It is rare in the art world today, in our millennium, to invent (that is what Shallit actually achieved) a new style of portrait painting. Shallit has executed this through his technique, use of colors, brushstroke, and extraordinary mosaic-like backgrounds. Anyone viewing Shallit’s paintings will never confuse his works of art with the works of any other artist.”

“Anne Hathaway Wears Valentino” 36 inches h x 24 inches w. Oil and acrylic.

One of the highlights of the portraits is the “American Patriots” series, which features Temple Grandin, Kurt Vonnegut, Elizabeth Warren, Maya Angelou (pictured here, below), and many other living progressive icons. What brings these heroes together, according to Shallit:

These American patriots are citizens of the United States who embody the best of us in art, critical thinking, courage and the desire for a better world.

If our nation collapsed, these people could be pillars of a new society based on social justice, the rule of law and a true appreciation of art.

Each of these American patriots has given me belief in the possibility of a healthier tomorrow, creating a spark in my heart.

The air they breathe is also my air, and it has transformed the spark into a flame.

These are not paintings of people, they are portraits of my hope.

“The Three Brothers” 48 inches h x 24 inches w. Oil and acrylic.

You can see Shallit’s exhibition at (Facebook page here):

The Loft: 104 W 14 St 5th Fl (501) ( cross street 6th / 7th ave) New York, NY 10011

January 18, 2013 at 8:00pm until January 20, 2013 at 4:00pm

Ariel invites Eco-Chick readers to the opening reception on Friday, January 18th from 8pm to midnight, or for drinks on Saturday, January 19th from 8pm to midnight, both at The Loft.

“Maya Angelou” 36 inches h x 24 inches w. Oil and acrylic.

“Dylan’s Flowers” 36 inches h x 24 inches w. Oil, acrylic, cold wax and dry pigment.

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