NKD Naked Candles: Zero Bad Stuff


There are so many holiday candles and air fresheners out there, but many are created from synthetic fragrances that contain harmful chemicals. In this day and age when people are “Febreezing” their environments, it is important to use natural toxin-free products.

I was introduced to the nkd: Naked Candles at Our Green House last year and got hooked. NKD attempts to engage in eco-friendly practices by producing their candles domestically (home base is Boulder, CO) from recycled materials. These yummy soy wax candles are 97% pure and natural. The scents are subtle and pleasant.

My favorite is Jack Frost, a buttery peppermint-pine scent that is warm, yet refreshing for the holidays. Other notables are: Moonstruck: strawberries and champagne, Thunderhead: lavender and citrus create this crisp, fresh scent. Ginger Papaya, Farmers Market (fresh greens,) and Dreamsicle are also delicious.

As of December 3rd, 2008, NKD is offering a 25% discount to Eco Chick readers. Use code: K25D08 Good through December 31st