Because Mother Earth is a Woman

Ok, ok, I’ll admit it. Mother’s Day was born from the corporate strategists at Hallmark, but who wants to be a grinch . . . especially when it comes to your mother, the woman who gave you life and . . . well . . . pretty much most of hers? I say, honor thy mother by honoring nature.

Instead of pesticide-infused flowers or a toxic mani-pedi , pamper her with planet-friendly presents. The options are endless. Here’s a list of my five fave eco-chick Mother’s Day gifts.

1. Radley’s Recycled Plastic Umbrella .
98032_brown open

2. A pesticide-free bouquet from Organic Bouquet.

3. Under the Canopy’s 100 Percent Organic Cotton Robe . . . or why not indulge her with some of their exceptional 100 percent organic cotton bedding .

4. Priti Polish for non-toxic tootsies.

5. A Sigg water bottle . . . in a pretty print of course.

Happy Mother’s Day . . . remember it’s coming up soon, May 11th for you slackers.