Nylon Struts Their Organic Stuff


For how cutting-edge this magazine is, they still haven’t found a new opening line to introduce organic fashions in their newsletter. Instead, they go with the age old adage of:  

“Environmentally-friendly fashion isn’t limited to the Birkenstock clad activist look. If wearing hemp from head to toe isn’t your idea of eco-savvy, then these organic alternatives prove that it is, actually, quite easy being green.”

Gaaawwwd! Get a new line. Eco-chick should be counting how many times insular press use “hemp, “Birkenstock,” and “hippie” in the same sentence when discussing “green” fashion design. Its 2 out of 3 for Nylon Mag this time around…One more strike – and they would be O-U-T….(Ahhh, but we’ll take what we can get around here)….Regardless, they highlight LA’s Burning Torch, by designer Karen Craven, who melds organic fabrics with vintage to create some pretty fem pieces. The piece pictured above is quite cute: polka dots, lace trim and embroidered insets with an empire waist. She’s been splayed all over the press recently included one of the latest issues of Time Out NY Spring Fashion feature and WWD. Wait, wait, do you smell that?? Yeah, b*tch, that’s the smell of a d-e-s-i-g-n revolution!!!!