On the Menu: Super Cute Tees


Need a way to remember to eat your veggies? I know I do . . .
Check these out! FoodTee Market’s (by DietDetective.com) line of adorable 100 percent organic cotton t-shirts. They just might make it easier to remember our daily 5-8.

These tees are cute and did I mention they’re available in organic cotton too?
But that’s not all the goodness. DietDetective.com will donate a portion of the profits to:

1) Two Angry Moms, an organization, set up by . . . yes . . . two angry moms, that fights for better school food. The goal is to better our children’s nutrition while raising awareness to the overwhelming connection between good food, good health and a student’s ability to learn effectively.

2) The Food Studies Institute, a non-profit devoted to helping children through proper nutrition and education.


So get clicking. You can order your organic tees through DietDetective.com’s FoodTee Market website (www.foodtee.com). There are over 20 fruits ‘n veggie designs to choose from. All are available in a range of wears: fitted, long-sleeve, short-sleeve, boy-tank, even a sexy bikini-strap style. Of course silhouettes come in sizes for both men, women, children, toddlers and itty bitty baby—the onesies are adorable! Don’t forget to check out the yoga bags, reusable tote bags (perfect for BYOB) and aprons too. Mother’s day is right around the corner and what yummy mommy wouldn’t want one of those?