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Origins GinZing Mascara Might Be the Best Ever


Most of the time, I only wear a bit of powder to hide the shinier spots, and a couple of coats of mascara. That’s 90% because I’m lazy, and 10% because I work hard to keep my skin in great shape (I don’t want to cover it up). Also, because I have these giant eyebrows, I feel like on a day-to-day basis a lot of eyemakeup—for me—is overkill.

I was turned onto Origins GinZing Brightening crazy-great lash coating by my favorite beauty editor of all time, Jean Godfrey-June, over at Lucky Magazine. She sang its praises, and as a mainstream beauty editor who hews closer to natural products than glam silliness (though there’s nothing wrong with silliness every once in a while!), I tend to take her advice seriously. Jean wrote:

When I tell you that you will be 100 percent amazed and thrilled when you put this mascara on, I am understating its powers. Especially if you, like me, forgo mega-mascaras because of parabens and whatnot right up in your eyes.

And now I’m backing her up. This is, hands-down, the best mascara I have ever used (check out the shots above and below of just ONE coat of this magnificence). It doesn’t flake, washes off easily, goes on all sorts of perfectly, and gives me the lashes I always wanted (that’s long and not clumpy!) – plus(!) it’s paraben-free and contains some magical ingredient that helps your eyelashes curl. I still use my little curler too because my lashes are totally straight, but it def helps keep them arched upwards instead of out.


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