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Billykirk's Handmade, Slow Fashion Chic Leathergoods

Handles size down so you can carry it or increase the size for wearing it under your shoulder. Padded throughout, top quality leathers for the trim and a rugged Denier nylon lining. Fits all laptops.

Billykirk, run by the brotherly duo Kirk and Chris Bray, has been around since 1999 (so way before the current artisan, handmade trend became so hot). Which means that not only have they had time to really perfect their craft, but that they have proven that this is no fly-by-night business.

You can see why they has endured; the simple, refined, and utterly masculine aesthetic to their belts, bags, cuffs, hats and other accessories are the ideal compliments to a long printed skirt or a lacy, transparent top. Great style is all about juxtapositions, after all.

Billykirk’s designs are timeless and beautiful, they are meant to last, and designed to keep on keeping on. “We work with an heirloom mentality where you pass [things] down,” Chris told Ecouterre. “It lasts and lasts. It’s not a throwaway item.”

Utilizing American-made, vegetable-tanned leathers from a Pennsylvania tannery and employing Amish workers (and themselves) to create each piece by hand, Billykirk is doing sustainable the old-fashioned way.

Who doesn’t love to rock a great leather cuff? The Double Wrap Cuff is perfect, with enough detail to make it interesting, but not enough to be distracting.

“Our bike frame bag was modeled after a vintage smaller bike frame bag we found in France. It’s perfect for a paperback, gloves, phone, sunglasses or even a sandwich. Three loops with dull silver buckles to secure it to the frame.”

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