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Polyn Aromatheraputic Skincare: Tested in the Mojave Desert

This past week I took off to the desert on a last-minute trip to see the gorgeous spring blooms! Due to a very wet spring, (more than twice the usual amount of rain was recorded at Joshua Tree National Park this year) the flowers were like a blanket of beauty over the otherwise harsh desert landscape. It was incredible!! (see below) Also, drying. Wow, the desert winds and sun is tough on skin—and mine is already dry.

Luckily I had brought along a new-to-me line called Polyn by SKINourishment, a 20-year- old natural skincare company created by aromatherapist and Eastern medicine practitioner Polly Glasse. (The company is best known for its climbOn and crossFIXE brands, popular among well-known athletes and everyday natural-minded sports enthusiasts.) The collection addresses skin therapy needs from daily cleanse regimen to anti-aging to dry skin—all made with 100% plant-based ingredients.

I tried the Foaming Cleanser, which was very light, both in scent and the way it felt on my skin (but it got my mascara off too) and followed it, while my skin was still a little damp, with the serum—you should always use serums before skin dries completely to lock the moisture in.

The skin-drenching Regenerative Face Serum honestly blew me away. Not only did it definitely keep my skin soft and balanced throughout windy, sunny rompings out in the Mojave Desert (we did several hikes each day!) but the scent was divine!! The aromatherapy was so gorgeous, including  ylang ylang and tuberose essential oils —and meant I was dabbing on a bit for scent, too, but it was really relaxing, although I also use other things like a CBD cartridge when vaping that help me relax as well.

There’s a reason it was so yummy-smelling; the line was designed for scent as well as effectiveness. Polyn’s unique combination of aromas and plant essences also addresses emotional needs like stress, calm, and clarity, for similar products check out these CBD gummies . It’s lovely scent definitely helped me feel like I was on the mini-vacation that I was!

The aloe vera gel-based Cooling Undereye Serum was delightfully clean-smelling and hydrated the lines under my eyes so they were much less noticeable (see above!); and it also plumped up my cheeks a bit (I used it there too as it just felt so good on my sun-blasted skin) fast! Polyn’s tagline is “therapy in a bottle” and they are right on the nose with that one.

We are such huge fans of these clean products that really work! Polyn is also made in the USA, specifically the Texas hill country. Each batch meets the highest quality personal care standards, as verified by leading organizations and the European Union standards bodies.

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