POMED Party Pics!

The POMED (Protect Our Mother Earth’s Daughters) party at Earth in NYC was a success!

Pomed signPomed dressesBrian Howard and LisabethStarre and Dress

Brian Howard of E/The Environmental Magazine and Lisabeth Weber of fundraisingpins.com. Yours truly with pink dress.

Danelle and BeneficiariesDanelle and Clothes

Danelle Brown of Verte (the organizer of the event) with speakers from Kids with Cameras, Architecture for Humanity, and Sanctuary for Families, the groups that benefitted from the POMED event. Danelle works the raffle at right.

Graham Hill and FriendGreen Apple Guy

Kyeann Sayer and Graham Hill of Treehugger. Brian Howard and Ben Jervey, author of The Big Green Apple guidebook.

Jill Danyelle and FriendKelly and Dress

Jill Danyelle of Fiftyrx3.com and Friend. Kelly with a great dress!

Summer and Remy 

Our own Summer Rayne Oakes and Remy Chevalier of Lu Magazine. 

Many thanks to Danelle and all her friends who put hours of time and effort into putting this all together. Great food, great folks, great time!

ADDED: See more great party pics at Remy C’s site!!

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