Not Sexy: Single-Use Plastic Water Bottles (Watch Bobble Explain Why)


Here’s the thing about disposable plastic water bottles: They make you look smug and wasteful. It’s true. Just watch this satirical video by bobble which focuses on a fake water-bottle brand, Once.

Vanity aside, there are so many other reasons to stop using single-use water bottles. For one, it is straight up terrible for the environment and and there is NO evidence that bottled water is better for you. In fact, it may actually be less safe than tap water. Nearly half of all bottled water is reprocessed tap water, sold at prices up to 3,000 times higher than consumers pay for tap water (Slate magazine even went so far as to call bottled water a scam). Even before the additional processing, the water had already met federal water-quality standards.

But Americans still manage to use 50 billion plastic water bottles each year, and recycle less than half of those. We’ve partnered with the leader in sustainable and stylish drinking solutions, bobble, to #EndTheTrend of single-use water bottles.


I’ve been using BPA-free bobble water bottles for years now and I love Including them with gifts to encourage others to do the same. My new favorite bobble product, Infuse, tags along with me everywhere I go – meetings, subway, yoga at Sacred Sounds in Greenwich Village, hiking, Pure Barre in Columbus circle, weekend trips in the car, repeat. Its smart and stylish design allows me to not only filter my water but infuse it with my favorite creative fruit and veggie concoctions (I’ve been on a blood organge and lime kick but strawberries are fun and easy, too).

Join Eco-Chick and bobble and help us to #EndTheTrend of single-use water bottles.

Lindsay has spent her career at the intersection of media and social change. In her role at Eco-Chick, Lindsay has established partnerships and campaigns with some of the world’s most-recognized companies committed to sustainability and CSR. She co-created the popular interview series “Heroines for the Planet” that features groundbreaking women who share courage and a deep passion for protecting people and the Earth. Lindsay is the Marketing and Sustainability Manager at Health-Ade Kombucha and previously served as Director of Communications at the social enterprise CBS EcoMedia. There she directed corporate advertising dollars to the nation’s most effective non-profits tackling urgent social issues in local communities and was awarded CBS Corporation’s prestigious Share-the-Vision award. She has written for Whole Living Magazine, Edible, Cottages & Gardens, From The Grapevine, EarthHour.org, Eco-Age.com, and for environmentalists Laura Turner Seydel and Susan Rockefeller. Lindsay holds a BS in Global Business Studies and Marketing from Manhattan College, and received the 2012 Honors Award at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.