Eco-Paradise: Maho Bay in St. John, USVI


For an incredible vacation that is eco-friendly one should look no further than Maho Bay. This resort was created in 1976 by Stanley Selengut who is credited with being one of the forefathers of eco-tourism. Wanting to create a comfortable place for nature lovers, the founders built eco-tents from sustainable materials which utilized environmentally conscious construction that was sensitive to the surrounding eco-systems. Maho emphasizes education and they have art classes, yoga, and enviro-construction courses (among many others) to further their mission.


The resort has expanded into four different destinations on the island of St. John, each with a different eco-style that focuses on minimizing resource consumption. Concordia, one of the most recently completed destinations in the hills overlooking the Caribbean, is completely self-contained in its energy production and waste management. The tents at Concordia are airy and comfortable. Some have loft sleeping quarters, kitchenettes, and scenic decks.

The moon looks absolutely breathtaking from the elevated walkways and open decks, so check a lunar calendar when you head down! If you want to get away for a few days, this is one beautiful spot to do it. Prices are very reasonable, especially during the off-season.