Striking a Chord in the Industry?

Christian F. Martin IV, maker of Martin guitars, along with guitar makers Taylor, Fender, and Gibson have joined alliances with Greenpeace to bring attention to forest management and sustainability. As Martin stated to the NYT, “I have a 2-year-old daughter, Claire Frances Martin, and she can be the seventh generation C. F. Martin. I want her to be able to get materials she’ll need, just as my ancestors and I have over the past 174 years.”

Many species of wood such as mahogany, ebony and rosewood are growing scarcely and it is this team’s mission to maintain and sustain the growth of these trees. This amazing initiative that these 4 guitar makers are embarking on is just another great story of how every industry can do their part to help protect and preserve the environment. Just as many musicians are off-setting their concert carbon emissions, this will help to create a great ripple effect within the music industry. Martin guitars are already a favorite of Sting, Paul Simon, Jimmy Buffett and John Mayer. Though, it would be cool if someone can develop the technology to make amazing guitars that produce amazing sound using an alternative material that is more of a renewable source.

Make sure to check out the on-line slide show and article showing these music men preserving the music.