How I Wear Eco Fashion: Kristen Nedopak, Hollywood Actress and Geek Host


Kristen Nedopak is a force to be reckoned with. An actress with a serious comedic bent, she’s host of Think Hero TV and a weekly series onScienceFiction.com, a talented illustrator, superenergetic optimist, and a self-described geek. Her life resembles a fantastical movie montage wherein the heroine dons amazing costumes, interviews stars and up-and-comers everywhere from festivals to red carpets, and behind the scenes, works her bum off (with red hair pulled back into a sleek French twist while wearing nerd-cute glasses of course). And did I mention she throws some of the most kickass parties in all of Los Angeles?

Kristen fills us in on how she puts together her always-unique looks:

My job is to give people an experience to remember, whether I’m interviewing a celebrity or expert or sharing my thoughts about a favorite TV show, it’s up to me to inspire viewers to watch—and continue to watch—the show. I like my attire to be super creative, but it can’t be too over the top. I still have to be recognizable on camera and it has to be comfortable enough to wear all day. It comes down to piecing together an outfit with the right period-esque details to strike a perfect balance.


Explains Kristen about the ensemble featured here, which is not only way fun, but features all kinds of materials that are easy on the Earth, “I wore this particular outfit to DragonCon when I covered the event last fall. It’s comprised of a handmade tassel vest with hood by Kerrie Kordowski, the owner and designer of Opal Moon Designs. I had the privilege of meeting Kerrie at Faerieworlds, an incredible weekend-long, über Green mystic music festival (see more in the video below).

A good friend of mine Alexa Allamano, creator and jewelry designer of FoamyWader handmade the medieval “royal heart” ring. The bead is an antique tribal charm, wire-wrapped in gunmetal-colored copper wire. The heart and flames represent loyalty and romance, the essence of medieval spirit!”

And Kristen makes plenty of her own costume parts too (her Halloween ensembles are legendary – and award-winning): “The arm gear is my own creation, made from a pair of gently-worn knee socks, decorated with bands at the top made from hand-sewn material, velcro and two vintage black and gold bracelets I found at a thrift store. Even my sword was hand forged by a master bladesmith Spike Steingasser, who has crafted vintage weapons for popular films like Master and Commander and Troy.”

Faerieworlds: The Experience from Unreal Classy on Vimeo.

Check out Kristen’s Faerieworlds documentary, above. It’s ALL about being Green and she wrote, produced, directed and edited it! She’s also wearing two more of her own costume creations in it too.

You can follow Kristen on Twitter, and check her blog, Outta This World, or find her on her site.

Photos by V V Photography

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