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Style Swaps! A Treehugger/Birdwatcher Exchanges Looks with a Corporate Lady

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I’m a HUGE fan of the fashion site StyleLikeU (with a motto of “Freedom of Expression Through Personal Style, how can you not?), because the mother-daughter team that runs it has an eye for what style is really all about (that is, cultivating what you find beautiful and what suits you; thinking about your sartorial decisions in the context of your life and work; not trends; not looking like your favorite movie star; not “perfection”).

The site is packed with videos (some of them longer and detailed, which I often wish videos online would be!) and is absolutely inspiring for those of us who love to create our own, individual looks. I particularly loved the most recent “Second Skin” style swap between Brooke, a midwestern-to-NYC transplant who loves her pearls and heels, and Lindsay, an illustrator and birdwatcher who lives in Brooklyn. It’s kind of hilarious, and made me wonder how I would do wearing some stranger’s clothes for the day.

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