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Summer Sandal Perfection: Accessorized Sseko T-Straps

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One of the chief reasons I love spring, summer and fall is feet freedom; it just feels so good to have your toes out and about, and as soon as it’s warm enough to do so, I put away my boots. You always end up with those go-to pair or two of summer sandals, and I’ve found this year’s model for sure in the classics-with-a-twist Sseko t-strap sandals (I’ll be alternating them with my vegan Bhavas!).

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Sseko founder Liz Bohannon has done such great work that she’s been featured as one of our Heroines for the Planet, and not only is she awesome, but her shoes are too (the t-straps shown here are fab, and so are her original and super-innovative ribbon sandals).

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I love the t-straps too, because they are compatible with optional accessories. As you can see below, I like wearing mine plain sometimes too.


Sseko is more than just another shoe brand; the company employs Ugandan women to craft the sandals (check out the video below for more on how the company directly supports women’s education there). As far as materials go, Bohannon explains: “We source the majority of our materials from the East African region. Our hope is to not only contribute to the women we work with but to contribute to growing the economy in the region by supporting local suppliers.”

Bohannon elaborates:

At the very basic level, we provide employment opportunities for women who might not otherwise be able to earn a living in a way that is dignified and life-giving. For women who are academically gifted, we use the time we have with them to stay laser-focused on their goals for the future and how we can help get them there with our programs specifically designed to give them a head start. Our programs range from personal finance to computer training and career mentoring. We believe that these young women will do more for Uganda than we ever could and we try to support them in their dreams to do just that.

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Follow Sseko on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with all their inspiring projects (and new designs!).

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