Summer-to-Fall Frocks: Liminal Dressing for the Changing Seasons

The Cave Flowers dress from Mociun is a diaphanous dream.

Last night I felt it; the first whisper of Autumn on the breeze that floated through my attic bedroom. A little tingle of excitement warmed my belly, since from now through January is my favorite time of year. Kind of the opposite of those people who turn on to Spring and Summer (whereas I just see a long hot slog of perspiration and taming green growing things), I look forward to Autumn and Winter with what could only be described as glee.

Popomomo Studio Dress

At the same time, it must be acknowledged that Summer is not over yet – we have a good month of it to go! But I know I’m not the only one who’s ready to don a few more layers, to start thinking cozy. And so I’ve curated a selection of dresses that will bring us from the season of sun and flowers into harvest time (and beyond….just think layering!). Just imagine some of these topped by your favorite long sweater, or layered over a pair of comfy leggings.

NYC designer Melissa Dizon takes inspiration from the Philippenes for her always gorgeous-with-a-twist dress for her label, Eairth

Soon the leaves will begin to fall, but before that, there’s some summer rooftop parties to attend, beaches to dig toes into and sun to soak up. Whatever time is your favorite, these frocks will breeze you through it, comfortably, chicly.

NYC-designed and made, Rachel Comey’s Flame Decile dress is available at Beklina

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